Alaska's Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge in Kachemak Bay

Where the Mountains meet the Sea in beautiful
Kachemak Bay State Park, across the Bay from Homer, Alaska

Due to unexpected pandemics, epidemics, disease outbreaks, and just our plain old age, Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge is closed. We owe a great deal of thanks to ALL of our guests, employees, volunteers, and friends who have made our lodge so popular in years past. Without all of you we would never had succeeded. We owe all of you so much and, again, we thank all of you. 
As our way of returning something to Mother Nature and humankind, and paying back our successes when Sadie Cove was in full swing, and by “paying forward” to those less fortunate, we are beginning a beekeeping site on the grounds of our lodge. We do this in order to begin a movement to protect and help our pollinators who are on the brink of extinction.
Year one will be for research, learning, and the setup of gardens for flowers that our particular brand of bee will be able to pollinate as well as supplying ourselves with honey jars and other assorted vessels for all bee products.. 
Year 2 will be for the setting in of the hives, attaining healthy bees, and learning first hand what works well for our colony. 
By year 3 or 4 we hope to be in full “production” processing honey, wax, and royal jelly to be donated to the local food banks and other food charities and spreading the word about pure honey that is not polluted with antibiotics, pesticides, and the like. 
You can be certain that all of the commercial honey in today’s markets is laced with the chemicals that seem to be necessary for the large producers as well as some producers who extend their “honey” with sugar and artificial coloring. That’s a sad reality for what used to be nature’s purest product. We earnestly hope that the word about the plight of honeybees and other pollinators eventually reaches far and wide and that many more “common folk” such as us will begin their own “apiaries” (beekeeping lots) to allow their bees to live in their natural state and to harvest honey in it’s purest state as honey was in the past before chemicals became involved. 

There is a wonderful book “What Bees Want” that explains, almost poetically, one woman’s work to raise bees the way the old way with no man made chemical substances. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys a great and well told story while acquiring a bit of new knowledge about allowing nature to “do it’s thing” without our interference and with our calm nurture. 

We are naming our new adventure “Humble Bumbles”, A Wilderness Bee Project. We’ll do our best to update our progress as we go along so feel free to check in once in a while if you’re curious.We can be reached at or by phone at 907-235-2350. Good health and happiness to all!!! Keith and Randi Iverson of Sadie Cove, Alaska


Alaska's Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge
Inside Kachemak Bay State Park
Box 2265, Homer, Alaska 99603

907-235-2350 (within Alaska)

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